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UKWebUK web directory is a one stop solution for UK based websites. This directory aims to cater for all that is based in the UK. With a variety of websites ranging from local businesses to personal websites, blogs and forums. This is achieved with the aid of carefully reviewed submissions as well as hand picked quality websites from all around United Kingdom.
  • 06/12/2017 There was recently some database issues causing submission to be broken. Sincerest apologies for that. Normal service is now resumed.
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About UKwebUK Web Directory

UKwebUK web directory is intended to be a highly valuable resource both for the casual user and also for webmasters who are looking to get their site noticed.

UKwebUK Web Directory does not only contain commercial sites but also personal websites, blogs, forums and many more.

In order to achieve a quality resource all submissions are carefully human reviewed. As an added benefit many hand picked quality websites will be added over time.

The criteria to be listed is as follows:

  • Must be uk related.
  • Domain containing "UK" preferred but not essential.
  • Owned by UK company.
  • Description must clearly describe what is offered to UK residents/consumers.

All Listings created will be for the lifetime of the directory, except in extremely rare cases such as human error, legal matters or request from site owners.

Watch this space for additional information of our services.

Kind regards from UkwebUK Admin

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